How To Pay

Payment Options

All fees are in Australian dollars and can be paid in the following ways:

  1. TransferMate or NexPay - International payments only
  2. Bank transfer or deposit 
  3. Mastercard/Visa over the phone +61 (02) 6161 0050
  4. Cash or Mastercard/Visa/EFTPOS in person

International Payments

TransferMate and NexPay make it easier and cheaper for international students to pay for their fees from overseas. At Unity College Australia, we know that our international students often get caught out by annoying transfer fees when paying for their tuition fees. We don't think that's fair, so we've teamed up with TransferMate and NexPay to help you pay your tuition fees without wasting precious funds on additional fees or charges.

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If you would like to know more about this service please visit the TransferMate website
To make a payment go to



If you would like to know more about this service please visit the NexPay website 


Bank Transfers or Deposits

Bank Transfer Details:

Bank Name: St George Bank Limited
Account Name: Unity College Australia Incorporated
Account Number: 001584968
Branch Number: 112908
Branch Address: 60 Marcus Clarke Street, Canberra City, ACT, Australia

Swift Code: SGBLAU2S

*Identify student details in transaction description: Student ID (if available) + Surname + Given Names

Financial Information

The following options for financial help are not available for International Students in Australia on a study visa.

Unity College Australia is an approved college for the purposes of:

  • - Austudy, Abstudy or Youth Allowance - Contact Centrelink for more information.
  • - Pensioner Education supplement - Contact Centrelink for more information. 
  • - Student Loans - Unity College Australia is approved to offer VET Student Loans (VSL) for eligible students studying VSL approved courses at Diploma or Advanced Diploma levels.

Study With A Student Loan

Are you keen to get a qualification but can't afford to pay for your study right now? A VET Student Loan may be able to help you study now and pay later!

Eligible new students can select to finance their study through the VET Student Loans program if they are enrolling in a VSL approved course.

This new loans program replaces the VET FEE-HELP scheme which was only available for students who enrolled prior to January 2017. If you are a continuing student on VET FEE-HELP please see information below** on how this change affects you.


The VET Student Loans Program (VSL)

VET Student Loans is an Australian Government loan scheme for the Vocational Education and Training sector. VET Student Loans forms part of the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP).

Students enrolling into the approved courses (listed below*) may be eligible to apply for a VET Student Loan to pay for all or part of the cost of their tuition fees.  Courses are subject to maximum loan caps and students will be required to pay any fee over and above that cap. A student loan can cover training fees but cannot be used for additional study costs such as accommodation or text books.

Note: If you choose to access the loan, you will repay the amount, plus an additional government loan fee, through the tax system via compulsory and/or voluntary contributions. VET Student Loans are repayable when your annual income reaches a set threshold. The loan remains a personal debt obligation until it is repaid to the Commonwealth Government. It may reduce your take-home (net) wage or salary and affect your borrowing capacity until the debt is repaid. 

Courses Approved For VET Student Loans

The following Diploma level courses are currently approved for the government VET Student Loans program through Unity College Australia. Eligibility criteria apply (see below).

  • CUA50815 Diploma of Music Industry
  • BSB50415 Diploma of Business Administration
  • BSB50215 Diploma of Business
  • BSB60215 Advanced Diploma of Business
  • BSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and Management

Unity College Australia’s application for re-approval as a VET Student Loans Provider is currently being considered by the Department of Education. Please contact the college for more information.

Notice to prospective students regarding VET Student Loans:
(a) Unity College Australia has applied for re-approval as an approved course provider under the VET Student Loans Act 2016;
(b) The delegate of the Secretary of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment has
recently given Unity College Australia notice of their intention to not re-approve it as an approved course provider – a final decision has not yet been made;
(c) If the delegate makes a final decision not to re-approve Unity College Australia as an approved course provider, this will mean that VET Student Loans will not be available for any units of study a student undertakes with Unity after the date of the delegate’s decision not to re-approve.
You are invited to contact the college for more information.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for a VET Student Loan you must:

- be an Australian citizen or permanent humanitarian visa holder ( resident in Australia for the duration of your study) or a qualifying New Zealand citizen (see
- be enrolled on or before the census day in an eligible unit of study or course through an approved VET loans provider and remain enrolled in the unit or course until and including the census day
- meet the tax file number (TFN) requirements (if you don’t have a TFN you can give evidence of a Certificate of Application for a TFN to your provider)
- have completed and submitted a valid request for VET Student Loan assistance (an eCAF form) for the unit or the course of which the unit forms a part, on or before the census day
- have not exceeded your VET Student Loans credit limit
- meet Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) entry requirements: provide evidence of your Australian Senior Secondary School (Year 12) Certificate, completion of a course at AQF Level IV or above (studied in English) or complete an LLN test at Australian Core Skills Framework (ASCF) exit level 3 or above 
- read the VET Student Loans booklet available at 

VET Student Loans will not be approved for students who do not meet eligibility requirements.
A VET Student Loan gives rise to a VETSL debt that continues to be a debt due to the Commonwealth until it is repaid

How to apply for a VET Student Loan:


1. Read the above eligibility criteria
2. Check you are applying for a course which is approved for a VET Student Loan
3. Check the current Schedule of Fees (New students) for the course and location where you wish to study 
4. Read the full VET Student Loan Student Entry Procedure

You can find more information about VET Student Loans on the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website or call the student hotline on 13 38 73

Schedule of Tuition Fees

Units of study, census dates and tuition fees for all VET Student Loans eligible courses offered through Unity College Australia

VET Student Loans Schedule of Tuition Fees 2021

Do you have a question, issue or complaint about your VET loan?
In the first instance you should contact the Unity College Australia office on 02-61610050. If your issue cannot be resolved to your satisfaction you can then contact the new VET Student Loans Ombudsman who will handle all VET Student debt complaints from 1 July 2017.  For more information read our Grievances Policy or visit the Commonwealth Ombudsman website or the Debt complaints page.

Policies and Procedures

Access and Equity Policy and Procedure

Confidentiality of Personal Information Policy and Procedure

Complaints and Appeals Grievance Policy and Procedure

Refund Policy and Procedure

Statement of VET tuition Assurance

VFH Statement of Tuition Assurance 2018

VSL Statement of Tuition Assurance 2018

Student Review (FEE-HELP) Policy and Procedure

VET FEE-HELP and VET Student Loans Withdrawal Procedure

VET Student Loans Entry Procedure

Information Handling Policy and Procedure

Privacy Notice

For other policies please see the Student Handbook


Unity College offers a limited number of full or part scholarships from time to time.  Such scholarships are offered to people already known to the college.  International students need to be aware that the primary expense related to studying in Australia are living expenses rather than academic fees.