At Unity College we consider churches, ministries and business our “partners”

Our status as a registered training organization enables us to assist you in a variety of ways. These include

  • - Sending students to the college to increase their training
  • - Getting your courses nationally accredited
  • - Inviting Unity College staff to train your people on-site – saving you time and money
  • - Establishing a traineeship program within your local church

It is important to understand that Unity College does not represent the interests of a single church doctrine. Unity College rather purposes to live the basic Christian creed and serve the all churches and Christian groups that make up the Kingdom of God.

My Ministry and Training

Unity College is here to enhance the ministry of your church. We are not in the business of replacing Sunday teaching but rather enhancing it in a way that will help your congregation be more effective ministers inside the church and the wider community.

Many agree there is general lack of knowledge of the Bible, and how it applies to everyday life amongst western Christians. Christians find themselves in daily situations where their faith is challenged and they quite often are not equipped to deal with those situations.

While teaching in church services provides some of this knowledge, the complexities of life hinder further understanding of the scriptures and their context in today’s world. Unity College aims to provide the more in-depth teaching that helps people develop a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and the ability to apply this to life.

Ministry is not just about knowledge but also involves skills. Being a vocationally-oriented training organisation, we also focus on practical skills development associated with such ministry areas as worship, music, creative arts, audio technology, church planting, team ministry and local and cross-cultural mission. Students can come to us or we can send staff to train your people in these areas or others.

Your church and Unity

More and more people are looking for training that will provide both life skills and recognised training and employment outcomes.

Unity College takes away the pain of having to establish your own Registered Training Organisation. We are able to provide accreditation to your current programs and help you establish new ones.

We have partners around the country providing diverse training options including Christian Ministry & Theology, English as a Second Language, Front Line Management and even Hairdressing.

If you have a small team of people in your church who would be interested in establishing training programs both as an outreach and as a practical avenue into the wider community then Unity is a great partnership model for you.

In some cases training programs can also bring financial benefit to your ministry

Benefits of Training

Unity College has been established to bring a trans-denominational training experience to the church in Australia.  We are not a church ourselves, we are not interested in becoming one, however we are interested in ensuring your church has an effective presence in your local community.

In summary the benefits to your church or ministry in partnership with Unity are:

  • - We have done the training legwork for you
  • - We can bring our programs to you – or you can get yours accredited with us
  • - Hassle free, allowing you to focus on your core ministry
  • - Partnering with Unity and our partnership network which includes like minded churches all wanting to reach their local community
  • - Some courses attract government funding meaning you could develop funded outreach through your training

Accrediting Your Courses

If you want to get your own course accredited or approved to teach as an accredited course, Unity College can help you. We understand that the funding benefits for accredited study can be very helpful to students.

We already have a number of partners that have done just this. Contact us and we can help you to get your course approved.