At Unity College Australia we are committed to your success, ensuring you get quality training while connecting you with like-minded people, forming lifelong friendships and setting yourself up for a great future.

Unity College Australia has a range of courses over different campuses, offering different opportunities. General vocational training includes Business & Management, Community Services and Commercial Cookery. Develop your English language skills or focus on Christian Ministry, Music and Worship. There is a program for you!

Unity College Australia will give you the training experience you need while challenging you personally.


Life In Unity

Study With A Difference

Nationally Accredited Courses

Unity College Australia has done all the hard work to get each of our courses accredited. This means each person who completes a Unity College course will receive a nationally recognized qualification.

Positive Environment

Unity College Australia’s courses are conducted within a friendly, supportive and encouraging community. All of our trainers and staff want the best for each student and many long term friendships are established within the Unity College environment.

Importance of each individual

We are all different and unique so at Unity College we put an emphasis on one to one mentoring. This makes the training more targeted, relevant and effective.

Character and Charisma

Training at Unity College seeks to develop character along with knowledge and skills. This includes an emphasis on integrity and wisdom in the way we practice and apply what we learn.

A CommUnity of Learning

There is a lot we can learn from each other, not just books. Unity College classes are relational and interactive
with an emphasis on developing effective communication skills in all courses.

Multicultural Learning Environment

Australia is a multicultural society and Unity College welcomes students from all different countries and backgrounds. This makes for a rich learning environment in which we experience the many different cultures of the world.

Help With Finances

Unity College recognise being a student can be a challenge financially. Therefore we have developed a range of flexible payment options.

Study Options To Suit Everyone

Unity College offer courses of various levels and our students can study Full Time or Part Time depending on their needs.