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Qualification options?

ICT30115 - Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology
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ICT50415 - Diploma of Information Technology Networking

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Cert III Potential employment options

  • To set up a small IT business
  • ICT Technician
  • ICT Support

Diploma Potential employment options

  • Network Administrator
  • Network Manager
  • Network Operations Analyst
  • Network Operations Engineer
  • Network Operations Technician
  • To facilitate access to employment, including setting up a small business
  • Precursor to higher level studies
  • ICT Technician
  • ICT Support (User, operations, technical and/or client)
  • IT administrator
  • IT operations administrator
  • Network services administrator
  • Network support coordinator
  • Network security coordinator
  • Network e-business coordinator

What will you learn?

  • How to build / refurbish computers
  • How to protect against viruses and spyware
  • How to select and install software applications and hardware peripherals
  • Hardware maintenance and repair
  • How to set up a SOHO network
  • Network skills
  • Operating systems
  • Software management
  • Server installation
  • Client relations project management

How will you learn?

  • Lectures, presentations and demonstrations
  • Interactive discussions
  • Group participation
  • Individual tutorials
  • Practical skills exercises
  • Individual projects
  • Research into various IT resources
  • Audio/visual presentations


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“I found studying Information Technology to be very beneficial to my growth and learning of computers. The atmosphere was fun and enjoyable. The instructors and supervisors were always able to give guidance and positive criticism. I also gained a lot of knowledge concerning leadership, was instructed in how to properly manage a team and make sure proper protocol is followed.
Thanks to all I have gained here I am now starting my full time job. It was thanks to all the extra effort and trouble put in by all the great people here that this has been made possible."
Scott, Information Technology student

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