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Gap Year Program: What are your options?

There are 4 main streams for the “Bridge the Gap” program

  • Christian Life Perspectives:  Discipleship, personal growth, life skills, biblical worldview, ethics and leadership.
  • Communication: Interpersonal, team building and public/stage communication
  • Special interest/Elective area: Choose an area of particular interest to you with options including music, creative arts, worship, prayer, ministry or Biblical studies.
  • Field Ministry: Community service, church ministry, outreach and cross-cultural mission trips


Potential employment options

  • A major benefit of taking a Gap Year is an increased success rate for students in their university studies.
  • Surveys show up to 60% of students who go straight to university after school either fail, change courses or drop out during their first year. This percentage is greatly reduced among students who take a Gap Year.
  • The benefit of a Gap Year is recognised by many universities, with some now offering Gap Year credit towards some courses


What will you learn?

  • Spend time hanging out with God and others
  • Grow your faith
  • Discover more about yourself and strengthening your character and skills.
  • Help in the process of deciding what direction you want to take in further study and employment
  • Develop your understanding of what you believe and why
  • Make new friends from around the world.
  • Develop personal confidence
  • Practical living skills
  • Strong interpersonal communication
  • Team and leadership skills and deepen your Christian worldview
  • Serve on short term mission and ministry trips in Australia and overseas


How will you learn?

  • Lectures, presentations and demonstrations
  • Interactive discussions
  • Group participation
  • Individual tutorials
  • Practical skills exercises
  • Individual projects
  • Research into literature and other resources
  • Audio/visual presentations
  • Participation in conferences and seminars
  • Use of guest speakers
  • Role plays and simulations


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